Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Brews For Boobies Recap

This past Saturday was Philly Beer Scene's 3rd Annual Brews For Boobies, 4 pub crawls throughout the city with proceeds going to The American Breast Cancer Foundation. With a handful of my closest friends, I drank my way through the Center City crawl that eventually ended at the after party at Varga with the rest of the crawlers. This was the first year I had participated in B4B but after all the fun and debauchery we had on Saturday I cannot wait until next year's crawl.

The way this event works is, you make a $25.00 donation which gets you the official Brews For Boobies t-shirt which gets you special discounts at each of the bars on the crawl. This year there were 8 bars in 12 hours plus the after party which went until closing but I really have no idea what time I left.

The day started at the legendary Monk's Cafe who actually offered no discount but it's Monk's so my friend Steve and I splurged on a couple bottles to kick off the festivities. I thought I would try to keep track of all the beers I had on Saturday in my phone but when I looked at my phone the next morning I saw that that strategy went out the window after Monk's. Oh well. From there we headed to Cavanaugh's at Rittenhouse followed by Nodding Head. On our way to Nodding Head we ran into a number of camera crews waiting for the Redskins to arrive at their hotel so some of the group waited around for them but I carried on, I was on a mission. Jose Pistola's was up next where we were lucky enough to have the elusive Yards Love Stout on nitro, a beer that I've been waiting to try for a few years now. We moved on from Jose's to the underrated Misconduct who offered half-price draughts, my kind of special. Good Dog was up next where I thought it was a good idea to play pool which did not work out so well after 8 hours of drinking. After that embarrassing display we headed to McGillin's which was packed, all I really remember from there was singing along to a couple U2 songs, probably as embarrassing as my pool game. I ended up getting separated from my group with a dead phone so I had to head to Fergie's alone and wait for them. At that point there was no need for us to continue on but we had made a commitment so we toughed it out and headed to Varga where all 4 crawls were meeting up. After some catching up Mat from the magazine we headed back to Temple where I slept on my girlfriend's brother's freshman dorm floor. I awoke to find myself in an awful state of disarray and pain but was comforted by the fact that it was all for a good cause.

Despite one of the worst hangovers in recent history, it was a fantastic event to partake in. This was something I had looking forward to for months and it did not disappoint. I highly recommend signing up for Brews For Boobies 4 once they announce the date for 2011, I can't think of many better ways to spend a Saturday than trekking through Philly's unbeatable bar scene with some great friends and raising some money for an even better cause.

There were some people on the crawl who hadn't officially registered but were still able to make donations throughout the day. If you would like to make your own donation to The American Breast Cancer Foundation you can do so here via their PayPal account.


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