Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Adventures in Homebrewing: Brew Target

While anxiously awaiting my pumpkin ale I've been trying to decide what to brew next. The homebrew contest at The Draught Horse has encouraged me to go with a brown ale next so I've been working on coming up with a suitable recipe. For a novice like myself this can be a little daunting. Yes I have a pretty good idea of what I'm doing but I'm not trying to act like an expert here.

That's where Brew Target comes in to save the day. Brew Target is a very useful program that allows homebrewers like myself concoct their own recipes while the software takes care of the sometimes complicated calculations. I would encourage anyone to double check the calculations but it is a great tool to formulate a recipe. Input all of your ingredients and particulars and Brew Target will give you an estimated read out of how your brew will turn out. Once all of your ingredients and procedures are in the program it will tell you the estimated IBUs, SRM, ABV, and more. If you have even the slightest idea about brewing then the application is pretty self-explanatory. It's rather fun to make up recipes without having to worry about spoiling a whole batch. Of course there are some improvements to be made but nothing's perfect. I would assume this would be quite useful to seasoned and amateur brewers alike. The best part about it is that it's free!

Here's a video demonstration of the program:

You can download Brew Target for yourself here.


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