Thursday, February 9, 2012

Organize Your Bottle Collection With CellarHQ

There seems to be an ever growing number of websites devoted to beer out there in cyberspace. I stumbled across a relatively new one the other day that seems like it is actually going to be useful for those of us with a surplus of bottles stashed away.

CellarHQ is a site that allows users to create an account and set up a database of their own personal hoard of bottles. Already the site's pool of breweries and beers that you can add to your cellar is quite impressive but if you can't find the beer you're looking for, adding any new or unlisted beers is quick and simple. For those of us that seek an even more thorough listing, you can input specific details such as bottle size, quantity, and bottling date. There is also a section for notes and soon users will be able to upload accompanying pictures. You can browse other users' cellars as well with fresh updates coming out pretty frequently.

While I haven't ventured into the world of trading, I can imagine a site like this would prove even more useful. I recently took complete inventory of my cellar for the site and found some forgotten gems in the process. The ability to add bottling dates and the like will make this a great resource for aging certain beers and determining what you've got lying around that needs drinking. I for one came to the conclusion that I need to find more time to drink all this beer I've been accumulating.

Signing up is free and easy so if you're in need of some beer organization assistance head on over to to get started.