Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Yuengling Homebrew Contest

The Draught Horse is teaming up with Yuengling for another homebrewing contest! They had their first competition during this year's Philly Beer Week and I actually ended up winning the thing with the Imperial IPA, "Hop & Circumstance", that my roommates and I brewed in the Spring. I still have yet to schedule the private tour of the brewery that was part of the prize but am still pretty excited for that.

This time around they are calling for all entries to be Brown Ales. I already had plans to brew a Red Ale next but I might squeeze a Brown in for this competition. The competition will take place on December 7th at 8pm. They are giving prizes out for the top 5 brews so it couldn't hurt to enter!

If you plan on entering just email them at, they'll give you all the details and requirements that you'll need.


The Draught Horse is located on Temple University's campus at
1431 Cecil B. Moore Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19121


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  1. I literally just read this email! Try to not saturate the industry too much if you can handle it.