Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In Memoriam

Four Loko

This is a sad day in the alcohol world. The beverage known as Four Loko has been banned along with all other caffeinated alcoholic drinks. After much litigation and drama the FDA has banned these wildly popular drinks from American shelves. I know four girls that I lived above my senior year at Temple who are dealing with a lot of grief on this sad day. No more will teenagers be able to imbibe in these truly unique liquids that brought so much joy to communities nation-wide. When people call The Craft Beer Outlet asking if we have Four Lokos I will now be pained to give those patrons the tragic news. 
This will be a day long remembered.

More on this loss here.



  1. And I never even got to try one... probably for the best.

    Colleges should probably start preparing for the inevitable riots that will begin no later than Thirsty Thursday.

  2. You really missed out Big Red! I only ever had one and it was disgusting but it was a great night.

    I felt like a bad person the morning after.