Monday, January 31, 2011

Red, White, and Brew

I think that we Americans make some pretty great beer. There are some people who see "Import" and immediately assume that it is of a higher quality of anything homegrown, no matter what. That isn't always the case in my humble opinion. The American beer culture is thriving right now, it is full of a creative energy and covers such a wide variety of styles and flavors that no other country seems to rival. I'm not saying I don't love my Belgian beer, just that people should be giving credit where credit is due.

With that thought in mind I started checklist on 1/1/11 and when I've completed it I will have had a beer from every state in the union. I won't be counting beers that I've had before the new year simply because I'm sure I would forget some beers that I've enjoyed over the years. I'm going to be able to blow through a good chunk of states with ease but there are some that are going to take some work to find a beer from. I won't be setting a deadline or anything but I just thought it would be a fun goal to have in mind. Eventually I suppose I will need to get in on the beer trading game but for now I'm going to just get my hands on whatever I can around here.

So far I've had a beer from 14 states so clearly I've got a lot of "work" ahead of me. At the very least this will making some drinking make me feel productive...or something. I'll be keeping track on the Red, White, and Brew tab but here is the list as it stands on 1/31/11:

If you have any beers from any odd states that you're willing to part with be sure to let me know!



  1. A few of these might be pretty tough.

    Utah for one? Interested to see these results.

  2. According to BeerAdvocate there are 5 breweries in Utah and I've seen one (Uinta) around here so I may actually be ok with that one.

  3. Just had some Pig's Ear Brown Ale from Woodstock Inn in New Hampshire

    Not sure where you can find it (I got it through a beer of the month thing) but it's a pretty good one for NH.