Friday, September 17, 2010

Weyerbacher News

Weyerbacher Brewing Company out of Easton, PA has a lot on their plate in the near future. Now that AutumnFest and Imperial Pumpkin Ale (dare I say, the best pumpkin beer out there?) are out on shelves it is time to move on.

Next up is their Harvest Ale, brewed with hops from their very own farm. Last year's batch was delicious so I'm expected this year to be just as tasty. You can watch a video of the harvest on their YouTube page here. Apparently you can find a very limited number of six-packs out in select markets now with distribution expanding soon.

There are also some exciting things lined up for their Brewer's Select Series. Brewmaster Chris Wilson recently announced,
"While we have thoroughly enjoyed brewing batch after batch after batch of Imperial Pumpkin Ale, we are happy to get our creative juices flowing again with the Brewer's Select Series.  Things are a bit compacted with Mike being released a little late due to production of Pumpkin, Fest, etc. and with November needing to be released in, well, November (just seems right).  That means that within a few weeks you'll get the pleasure to try two new Brewer's Select beers!  Things could change, but here is the plan for now. Mike will be a Belgian Dubbel  and November will be a Coffee-Infused Brown Ale for the holidays."
The last few Brewer's Select brews have been very impressive so I can't wait to see what else these guys have up their sleeves. I am especially interested in November since every other coffee beer is either a porter or stout. Count on Weyerbacher for going out on a limb for their loyal drinkers.
I'd also like to wish the Weyerbacher crew good luck out at The Great American Beer Festival! They brought Double Simcoe, XV, Merry Monks, Lima, Imperial Pumpkin Ale, Verboten, and Tiny along with them this year, hopefully they'll bring some medals back this way.


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  1. Their Double Simcoe and Unfiltered Double Simcoe DIPA are two of my favorite beers.

    And the insanity barleywine is dangerously drinkable!