Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Primary Fermentation

First there was Live Journal, followed by MySpace, Facebook, and most recently Twitter. None of these sites seem to have quenched my thirst for sharing my ever insightful thoughts with the public.

As my post-grad summer draws to a close I've decided to enter the blogosphere with Hop & Circumstance, a simple and unpretentious look at all things beer. I consider myself a mere padawan when it comes to the mysteries of the brew that we all love but as an amateur homebrewer and a dedicated drinker, I hope to spread the good word here.

I'll cover everything from what I had that night at the bar, my adventures in homebrewing, the latest brewery news, some beer history, beer travelogues, and whatever else stems from a good pour.

So cheers to you good people of ales and lagers! I hope you enjoy this booze-filled odyssey as much as I will.

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