Monday, September 27, 2010

A Taste of Germany in Bucks County

This past Saturday night, the ladyfriend and myself wanted to go out for a couple drinks but were in the mood for something different. She has basically limited the number of times we can go to the Hulmeville in one week so I struggled to find a place that would even hold a candle. Luckily I remembered that I had heard great things about The Newportville Inn and as an added bonus it is only 10 minutes away from my house. Neither of us had ever been to this bar so I wasn't exactly sure what to expect but as we pulled up I grew giddy with anticipation.

The Newportville Inn offers two outdoor seating areas, one attached the building itself and up a little path you will find their delightful biergarten. We both agreed that this was where we were destined to sit. The tables in the biergarten are covered by some gigantic umbrellas featuring the best of the German breweries, there is a bubbling fountain at the center, and some mood setting candles around the edges. This was definitely my kind of place for a cool Saturday evening.

Eventually we got hold of a draft list which confirmed this bar's legitimacy, they offer the standard stuff with a slew of German brews and a couple local favorites thrown in for good measure. I sat there proudly as my girlfriend ordered a tall glass of Warsteiner Pilsner, I struggled to make a decision but ended up with a the 200th Anniversary Oktoberfest Jubilee, a collaboration brew between Munich's six main breweries. These two beers paired perfectly with the festive atmosphere. We ordered some food too, which was great but I'm not a food guy so I'll just bypass that part of the night.
All of a sudden I hear the exciting sounds of an accordion and look up from my glass to see a young man in lederhosen playing for the outdoor patrons. He strolled around for a bit playing what I assume to be some accordion "standards" but he eventually sat down in the garten to play some fantastic bar-favorites. Never in my life did I think I would hear the likes of 'Piano Man', 'Space Odyssey', 'Sweet Home Alabama', or 'Stairway' on the accordion but that is exactly what happened. Much to our delight he played a lengthy set of such crowd pleasers with everyone outside singing along and even making some requests. As if the beer and atmosphere weren't good enough, this guy came along and made the night a rousing success.

We sat outside for a good while as the rest of our company left their tables and our live entertainment packed up his accordion. It is such a pleasure to find a new place that you love and I cannot wait to get back to the Newportville, especially with their Oktoberfest activities going on for the next month. Apparently they will be having a pig roast every Friday outside and more authentic German entertainment every weekend. They also sell their own growlers which always gives a bar extra points in my book. With a very friendly staff and simply a great vibe, The Newportville Inn became, in just one night, one of my new favorite area bars. Now seems to be the perfect time of year to sit in their biergarten and bask in the glory of German beer.


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