Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Storm PumpKing Jack-O-Lantern

Nothing gets me in the Autumnal spirit like spending a couple hours carving a pumpkin.

I recently entered Victory Brewing Company's "Inspired By Victory Pumpkin Carving Contest" with my own Storm King/Dark Intrigue jack-o-lantern. And while it is already starting to rot on the front porch, initially I think it looked pretty sweet. Victory has their own panel of judges who will be picking the winners but are encouraging everyone to comment on their favorite entry. There are eleven entries up on the site now so head over to the gallery to check them all out, some are pretty impressive. The judges will be taking the comments into consideration. The commenting period will end on Monday October 24th with the winners announced on Halloween. Mine is Entry #6 which they've called "Storm PumpKing" and if you think it is worthy of the prize, I would appreciate any and all comments. You can check it out right here.


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