Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Draught Horse's PBW Homebrewing Contest

Between work and Beer Week taking over my life I probably won't be putting up any posts about the events and what not until after all is said and done while everyone's livers and wallets take some time to recover.

That being said, I wanted to send out a reminder about The Draught Horse's Homebrew Contest which is taking place TONIGHT JUNE 7th at 7 pm! This will be the third time I'm entering one of their competitions and while they're not officially sanctioned BJCP events they are always a damn good time. They're a little more laid back than your typical homebrew competition which is just what I like. They have wisely dropped Yuengling as a sponsor and tonight Rick Chapman, President of Coronado Brewing Company, will be on hand to judge the beers. They're offering $3 Coronado drafts all night so even if all of our homebrews end up sucking that deal will make up for it.

Here are the judges for the competition:

  • Rick Chapman, CEO of Coronado Brewing Company
  • Neil Harner, Philly Beer Scene Magazine
  • Steve Hawk, 2010 Beer Geek
  • Bill McGeeney, BJCP judge
  • Matt Konopka, USFood
  • Jeremiah Wood, Draught Horse MBA Club member

The Draught Horse has a surprisingly impressive beer selection and awesome starving-college-student prices so if you don't make it out tonight, keep this Temple University bar in mind for the future.

If your Philly Beer Week dance card is clear tonight, hop on the Orange Line and stop by to throw yours truly some love. I'm bringing some of my Drachent√∂ter Dunkelweizen which I finally tried a couple nights ago and am quite pleased with so wish me luck.


PS - I must say that my beer has a pretty bad-ass label, I'll put some pictures up later.

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