Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Philly Beer Scene: Liberation Through Libation

Just a bit of self promotion here.

The guys from Philly Beer Scene had kindly asked me if I had any good homebrew recipes that I'd like to see featured in their "Homebrewer's Corner" section of the latest issue. Seeing how I was pretty damn pleased with my last batch I sent in my recipe for Saison du Senegal with a little write up explaining the story behind it and what not. Of course there are a bunch of other great reads in the issue including a photo spread featuring Philly bar bathrooms...and idea I had for a coffee table book that I am now wondering if I ever drunkenly told Mat about.

After a bit of an awkward photo shoot at work, the issue is out at all of your favorite local beer spots. If you are some kind of hermit and prefer to drink alone at home you can check out the digital version right here.

Voting is also open for the second annual "Best Of Philly Beer Scene Awards" so make sure you take a minute to pick your favorites!


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