Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rant: American Craft Beer Week


The self-proclaimed "Mother Of All Beer Weeks" started in 2006 as a national campaign to celebrate and raise awareness of our nation's rapidly expanding craft beer scene.

Now one would think that Philadelphia, the birthplace of America and a booming craft beer destination, would revel in this sort of celebration. There's even a "Declaration of Beer Independence" that breweries and bars are encouraged to hang up for patrons to sign, that sounds like something Philly would come up with. But as anyone who lives in the area knows, there isn't much going on here in the City of Brotherly Love this week when it comes to craft beer.

I do have to mention that the fine folks at have partnered with a number of bars around the city to offer $3 American craft beer pints from 5-7 pm all week long. Other than this wonderful deal Philly, beer drinkers are hard pressed to find any sort of fanfare in regards to ACBW and I would think that was a real shame...if Philly Beer Week wasn't right around the corner!

I appreciate what ACBW stands for and obviously support their cause but Philly simply has too much on their plate with their own beer week coming up. It appears that we just can't be bothered with this national holiday when everyone know Philly Beer Week quite superior in every way. It's hard to see the point of American Craft Beer Week, I could appreciate it more if it were in the fall or winter but right now my sights are set on PBW and I think that's how much the local scene feels at large.

When you live in a city that really celebrates American craft beer on a daily basis it's kinda tough to get excited for this.
But by all means, cash in on those sweet $3 pints!

End rant.


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