Friday, February 11, 2011

Adventures in Homebrewing: Saison du Senegal Is Bottled

I bottled up my Saison du Senegal a few days ago after only two and a half weeks in the fermenter...that yeast went absolutely nuts in there. It was a great yield, six 22 oz bombers and thirty-eight 12 oz bottles. I wasn't expecting this to reach it's Final Gravity so quickly but am hoping that it will now be ready for my Peace Corps-bound friend's going away party on the 19th. Only time will tell.

Last time I was at the homebrew shop, Joe gave me a pack of Wyeast's Belgian Saison strain in case the French didn't work out. Luckily it did and now I have this extra yeast chilling...I suppose I'll be brewing up a Belgian Saison in the near future. I thought about using the same recipe to see what the difference would be but am getting excited about coming up with something completely new and different from this one. I'm going to be all saison-ed out after the next batch though, I'll have a nice stockpile for the summer I guess.


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